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We’re dedicated to transforming diabetes specialist care by making it more accessible, comprehensive and patient-centric than ever before.


  • Publicly funded (OHIP, RAMQ, AHS)
  • Short wait times (2-4 weeks)
  • Flexible schedules
  • Easy bookings
  • Multiple locations
  • Multiple languages
  • Connected via digital technology


  • One-stop access to multiple services under one roof: diabetes specialist care, diabetes education, optometry, foot specialist care, pharmacy, research
  • Interdisciplinary care team that treats the patient as a whole


  • Involve patients as active and
    equal participants in their care
  • Design personalized care plans that meet the patient’s unique needs and lifestyle
  • Deliver culturally sensitive care and exceptional customer service

“There are so many opportunities now – diabetes is so easily managed if you find the right people to help you.”

“My Diabetes Educator is very professional and friendly; she has helped me keep my blood sugars under control.”

“My Diabetes Educator Heather has been extremely patient with me. They really care for you. I feel so comfortable here – it’s like a family.“

“LMC is my resource – to teach me, to support me and to help me take those steps.”

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