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Edith Goudreault

Type 1 Diabetes, Diagnosed 1991


Endocrinologist: Dr. Nahla Jilwan

Certified Diabetes Educator: Sarah Blunden

Location: LMC Montreal

At the young age of 11, diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) brought Edith to the hospital and ultimately led to her diagnosis of type 1 diabetes. Afraid of needles and worried about adopting a new lifestyle, Edith was also concerned about being a burden to those around her. Becoming a patient at LMC helped Edith take control of her diabetes by rediscovering the importance of checking her blood sugars regularly; by receiving ‘complete care’ from her supportive team of doctors, nurses and dieticians; and by participating in a life-changing clinical study.

Before becoming a patient of LMC in 2015, Edith was first enrolled in our Lexicon 312 Study. Having struggled with her glycemic control, Edith was interested in introducing a new oral medication on top of her insulin therapy to help control and lower her glucose variability. After participating in the clinical study, Edith saw a drastic improvement in her blood glucose control. “The study introduced me to a new option for my diabetes – it made a difference,” Edith told us. Having done clinical studies with other organizations before, Edith also noticed a major difference in the care and professionalism at LMC. “I remember doing a clinical study on insulin at another hospital, but there wasn’t any close follow-ups. I just did visits with the doctor. I think studies at LMC are presented in a more professional way; it’s very reassuring for the patient,” said Edith. 

For Edith, LMC’s flexible appointment bookings make life easy when trying to manage a life with diabetes while having young children and a changing work schedule.  She also appreciates the warm and welcoming atmosphere. “At LMC, the ambience is very pleasant; it’s fun to see the team. You are never judged and everyone is very understanding.” When asked what advice she might share with prospective patients, Edith offered the following: “At LMC there are resources available; you don’t have to live through it alone. Be patient with yourself and give yourself the time to learn; remember that diabetes management is learned step by step.”

“LMC is my resource – to teach me, to support me and to help me take those steps.”