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Medical Weight Management Program

Obesity is a global epidemic that impairs quality of life and reduces life expectancy.

Our Goal: Remove Bias – Improve Access – Decrease Burden of Disease

About the program


Publicly funded (free with OHIP), evidence-based, individualized obesity treatment


Behavioural modification, pharmacotherapy & bariatric surgery support

Certified Educators

ABOM certified endocrinologists, obesity educator (RD) and pharmacist led team

Scheduled Visits

In person and/or virtual visits

Who is eligible?

Adult patients in Ontario with:

BMI ≥ 30

BMI ≥ 27 with a weight related comorbidity

Program Objectives


• Digital questionnaires with videos for patient education

• Patient reported outcome measurement

• Communication through email, phone, video, text or app

• Expert multidisciplinary care team

• Pre and post op bariatric surgery follow-up

• OptiFast partial meal replacements

• Can be virtual or in person


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LMC Medical Weight Management Program

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