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OHIP-covered Diabetes Pharmacist Services


LMC CDE Pharmacist training, education, care plans and assessments are covered by OHIP at no charge to you.

LMC CDE Pharmacist sessions are available in-person, by phone and online for 1:1, family and caregivers.

Why see a CDE Pharmacist?

The CDE designation, which stands for Certified Diabetes Educator, is given to healthcare providers who are specially trained to assess, review and train you about diabetes.  CDE Pharmacists are particularly knowledgeable about diabetes medications, along with how these work with your other medications and conditions too.

As a patient living with Diabetes, the advantage of having a CDE Pharmacist is they can assess and help you with ALL your medications.  We keep in mind all your medications and conditions and how this affects your life overall.

CDE Pharmacists can help you, your family and your caregivers with:

  • Medication and condition questions

  • Medication, injection and device training

  • Assessment of your heart risk as a patient with diabetes, and recommendations for protection

  • Medication issues, including side effects, effectiveness and trouble taking medications

  • Drug interactions checking, including cannabis

  • Sick day management

  • Preparing to travel – medication storage, travelling with sharps and time zone adjustments

  • Smoking cessation