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Our Team

Our 6 integrated services are run by a group of specialists who all specialize in diabetes care within their scope of practice. Each team works together to provide a holistic and patient-centric approach looking at each individuals needs.


Our team of Specialists include:

  • Endocrinologists

  • Diabetes Educators (Registered Nurses, Registered Dietitians)

  • Diabetes Pharmacists

  • Optometrists/Opthalmologists (eye doctor)

  • Chiropodists (foot specialist)

  • Clinical Research Professionals


Diabetes affects the entire body and is best managed with a team approach. It is important to understand what each team member’s role is, and how they can support you in staying healthy.

Download our ‘Know Your Diabetes Care Team’ handout to learn more about who is on your care team and what role they play in your healthcare.

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