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Why It’s Important

Foot problems are common in people living with Diabetes. Routine foot care should be an essential part of managing your condition. Diabetes may cause neuropathy (nerve damage) along with arterial disease (poor blood circulation). As a result, individuals with Diabetes are less likely to feel even the smallest of foot injuries. Left untreated, foot injuries can lead to infection and in severe cases, amputation. Ongoing, routine care can help you keep your feet healthy. Be sure to see a Chiropodist as part of your Diabetes management regimen.

Chiropody or Podiatry?

Both Chiropodists and Podiatrists are healthcare professionals that specialize in assessing and treating foot conditions. Chiropodists are Canadian trained professionals, and Podiatrists are usually trained in another region. Chiropodists and Podiatrists work under the same scope of practice in Ontario.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Does OHIP cover my initial visit?

Chiropody services, Orthotics and Compression Therapy Stockings are covered by most extended health benefit plans.

Do I require a referral?

No referral is required for Chiropodist appointments.

Note: Please check with your extended health benefits company to see if you require a referral dated prior to your initial assessment in order to be reimbursed by the plan.

What should I expect at my initial assessment?

The first time your LMC Chiropodist sees you, they will:

  • Thoroughly examine your feet and if you have diabetes, a Diabetes Foot Risk Assessment will be conducted

  • take a medical history of your general health ​

  • Provide an individualized treatment, such as nail care, callous care or wart treatment – If needed.

  • Develop a personalized treatment plan for your foot care needs

  • Provide education on potential foot health risks and information on how to better care for your feet​