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Marilyn St. Jean

Type 1 Diabetes, Diagnosed 2008


Endocrinologist: Dr. Hani Alasaad

Certified Diabetes Educator: Heather Tremblay

Location: LMC Barrie

When Marilyn was first diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, she was scared and anxious. She was worried that having a learning disability would make it difficult for her to grasp the concepts and tools she would need to manage her diabetes.

“It’s such a supportive community at LMC; they don’t make me feel any different with my learning disability. My Diabetes Educator Heather has been extremely patient with me. They work with me until I get it right. They really care for you.  I feel so comfortable here – it’s like a family.“

Managing diabetes is an ongoing learning process. With LMC’s coordinated team approach, Marilyn has been provided with a variety of knowledge and tools to help her successfully manage her diabetes, including meal plans, carb counting and insulin pump training. Marilyn remembers her experience when first learning how to count carbs. “At LMC, they’re very knowledgeable and patient – especially given my learning disability. I didn’t understand carb consumption at first, but Heather (my Diabetes Educator), took her time to explain everything to me. She didn’t give up until I felt comfortable and understood everything,” Marilyn said.

Being a patient at LMC has provided Marilyn with the confidence and skills she needs to independently manage her diabetes. Today, Marilyn is on an insulin pump and fully manages her diabetes with the support of her team at LMC.

“LMC has taught me that my diabetes is manageable. If there are any questions, LMC is always there to help; they’ve always been so supportive.”