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1. Inspect your feet daily

  • Check your feet and toes every day for cuts, bruises, or sores

  • Moisturize your feet – apply moisturizers such as creams or lotions to the top and bottom of the feet, not in between the toes

2. Protect your feet

  • If you have neuropathy, do not go without shoes, even in the home

  • Inspect shoes for foreign objects, animal hair, pebbles, etc., prior to putting them on

  • Avoid socks with seams that may rub and cause blisters or other skin injuries, and white socks are best

3. Exercise

  • Walking can help with improving circulation, weight management, and overall mental health

  • Daily exercise helps to maintain blood sugar levels within ideal range

4. Self-care at Home

  • Avoid cutting your own toenails if you have neuropathy and cannot easily reach and see your nails. In such instances, filing the nail is best

  • Never remove corns, calluses, or warts by yourself – Over the counter products can burn the skin and cause irreversible damage to the foot

  • Do not soak your feet as it can increase the risk of infection in individuals living with diabetes