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Going back to school next month?  Here are some medication reminders to help prepare.

Taking Insulin?  Check your glucagon

If you take insulin, its best to have glucagon available in the event of severe hypoglycemia.

Glucagon injections, as with all medications, have an expiry.  Before school starts is a good time to check your supply to be sure it isn’t expired.

Glucagon is now also available in a nasal spray version, called Baqsimi.  While it is more expensive than glucagon injection kits, the nasal spray version is very easy to use and tends to have a longer expiry date.

Have severe allergies?  Check your epinephrine injection

If you have life-threatening allergies, you likely have been prescribed an epinephrine injection.  Before school starts is a good time to check your supply to be sure it isn’t expired, especially if you must leave one at school or the daycare centre.

In Canada, there are 3 auto-injection device versions of this:

  • EpiPen – in 0.15mg and 0.3mg strengths

  • Allerject – in 0.15mg and 0.3mg strengths, with a built-in “talking box” giving the user directions

  • Emerade – in 0.3mg and 0.5mg strengths

Your LMC Pharmacist

Have questions about glucagon or epinephrine products or usage?  Do you, your family or supporting friends need a refresher or training on when and how to use these products?  Book a group training appointment with the LMC Certified Diabetes Educator Pharmacist.  Our medication assessments, education, and training are available to LMC patients at no charge.  And you don’t have to change your home pharmacy!  www.lmc.ca | [email protected]