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With one month of 2019 already completed, we are excited to share a 2nd FIT published paper from LMC Manna Research’s very own Scientist Team led by Chief Medical Officer Dr. Ronnie Aronson and Senior Scientist Michael Riddell.

This 2nd paper highlights that High Intensity Interval Training exercise (HIIT) actually raises glucose, rather than lower glucose as most other activity does in Type 1 diabetes.  Although it’s been proven, it’s been largely overlooked by patients and by clinicians. The FIT Study has  further defined the extent and the consistency of the hyperglycemic effect – especially within the same individual. These small insights can have significant impact for people living with Type 1 diabetes to be able to exercise in any way they want, and to be able to anticipate the direction of their glucose response more correctly.

For the full article, click HERE

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