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Toronto, Ontario, November 18, 2019 – LMC Pharmacy announced today that it has completed the acquisition of Diabetes Depot – Canada’s original “one-stop-shop” for insulin pump supplies.

“Today’s announcement marks an important milestone for LMC Pharmacy and Diabetes Depot. Together, we will leverage our combined expertise to deliver increased value and professional support to insulin pump users across Canada” said Alicia Chin, President, LMC Pharmacy.

Diabetes Depot was founded in 2004 by pharmacist and type 1 pumper, Tino Montopoli, to make life easier for insulin pump users.  This mission will continue under LMC Pharmacy, whose purpose is “Making Healthy Easier”.  Tino Montopoli will stay on as a consultant and adviser to ensure a smooth transition.

“This partnership is a great win for insulin pump users and the broader type 1 community across Canada” said Tino Montopoli. “LMC Pharmacy, along with LMC Healthcare, brings extensive expertise and a proven track record for providing world-class type 1 diabetes specialist care.  Together with Diabetes Depot, LMC will be able to deliver even greater savings, education and professional support for pumpers across Canada.”

Diabetes Depot will continue to carry diabetes care products and offer significant savings on insulin pump supplies to assist Canadian insulin pump users.  In addition, insulin pumpers will now have access to Certified Pump Trainers, Certified Diabetes Educators (Pharmacists, Registered Nurses and Dietitians), Endocrinologists and Health Coaches for their pump, medication and healthcare questions.  Diabetes Depot clients can also utilize LMC Pharmacy’s complete prescription services, including medication synchronization and home delivery.

About LMC Pharmacy

Founded in 2012, LMC Pharmacy is dedicated to delivering diabetes education, training, comprehensive medication assessments, care plans and medication therapy management services that enable patients to lead healthier lives. LMC Pharmacy is staffed by Certified Diabetes Educator Pharmacists who specialize in diabetes medication therapy management and who operate collaboratively with a broader multidisciplinary diabetes-specialist care team at LMC Healthcare. LMC Pharmacy has 7 pharmacies co-located in LMC Healthcare clinics across Ontario.  For more information, visit www.lmc.ca/pharmacy

About Diabetes Depot

Diabetes Depot is Canada’s original one-stop-shop for insulin pump supplies.  It was founded in 2004 by pharmacist and type 1 pumper, Tino Montopoli, to make life easier for insulin pump users. For the past 15 years, Diabetes Depot has offered the online diabetes community unparalleled service and significant savings for diabetes care products and insulin pump supplies. For more information, visit: www.diabetesdepot.ca

About LMC Healthcare

LMC Healthcare (LMC) is Canada’s largest specialist care provider in diabetes & endocrinology. LMC offers multiple diabetes-related services under one roof, increasing care quality, coordination and convenience for patients. In addition to addressing the immediate diabetes-related medical needs of patients, LMC’s multidisciplinary team provides education, coaching, and preventive-care services to improve patient health outcomes and minimize the risk of diabetes-related complications.  The LMC team consists of world-renowned Endocrinologists; Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) Dietitians, Nurses and Pharmacists; Optometrists and Opticians; Chiropodists; Health Coaches; and Clinical Research Professionals. LMC’s unique care delivery model makes it easier for patients to better manage their diabetes and lead healthier lives.

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