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The Ontario government recently proposed the discontinuation of patient-pharmacist diabetes education, training and specialized medication assessments (aka MedsChecks for Diabetes).  These 1:1 personalized services help patients receive the full benefit of their medications while avoiding side-effects and complications.  It is also a time for patients to have their medication questions or concerns addressed.  


At LMC Pharmacy, and other pharmacies in the province offering specialized diabetes care services, this proposal is of great concern to patient health outcomes.


  • Diabetes-specialized pharmacists conduct assessments that find drug-related problems – and we solve them too!

  • We offer personalized, customized diabetes education & training via CDE and PharmD trained pharmacists

  • We help patients navigate coverage complexities in order to have access to medications and supplies they couldn’t afford otherwise

  • All of the above is funded through the MedsCheck for Diabetes and Education Follow Up programs


As well, LMC Pharmacy may specialize in diabetes care, but there are also other pharmacists throughout Ontario providing personalized medication therapy management and complex care for patients taking medications for mental health, addictions, COPD, heart health, cannabis, opioids, cancer, womens health, mens health, sleep disorders, and the list goes on.  In addition to addressing patient medication concerns and issues, and proactively identifying and solving drug-related problems, examples of more specialized activities include creating custom care plans to best handle a health challenge so that a patient can avoid a more significant decline in health, e.g. diabetes sick day management plans, COPD and asthma flare up action plans and suicide prevention care plans.


It makes no sense to stop programs that help people better control their medical conditions, live healthier more productive lives and prevent complications that lead to costly emergency room visits and hospitalizations.


We only have until May 24 to respond to the proposal, so please share your story, concerns and support to keep the MedsCheck for Diabetes and Education Follow Ups, MedsCheck and Follow Ups, and MedsCheck at Home programs.  Comments are asked to be forwarded in 1 email cc-ing all of the below groups:



Thank you for supporting continued personalized, practical healthcare!


Alicia Chin, RPh

Director, LMC Pharmacy