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November is Diabetes Awareness Month, which we start off by recognizing the unique role carried out by diabetes educators. But, what’s a diabetes educator?

Being diagnosed with diabetes can come as a shock and become overwhelming. First and foremost, diabetes educators are here to help you to make a plan that fits your lifestyle and respects your habits, interests and beliefs.

The role of a diabetes educator can be taken on by a variety of professionals who have training and experience in diabetes care, management, and education such as a registered dietitian, registered nurse or pharmacist. Diabetes Educators are an integral part of the health-care team for a person living with diabetes or prediabetes. Through evidenced-based knowledge and tools, they provide guidance and assist with day-to-day diabetes management by providing education and support. Specifically, they teach skills in areas such as monitoring and understanding blood glucose sugar levels, adjusting meal plans and physical activity, managing medications including insulin and setting and achieving overall personal health goals. Diabetes educators also work with other health-care providers, bringing knowledge about diabetes to a patient’s team.

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