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1. Access to latest therapies – we offer patients access the new cutting-edge medications and devices.

2. Coverage – access to medications and/or devices for those who cannot afford or whom may not have benefit plans or coverage

3. Education – extra care through study visits and monitoring.

4. Team Approach – access to other services, ability to identify other health care professionals needed to manage your health and seek assistance in obtaining access to that help.

5. Closer oversight & monitoring – not only for diabetes but also general health such as tests performed that may uncover other unknown diseases.

6. Patient empowerment – joining research helps patients feel empowered and may improve better health outcomes (e.g. improved A1C, improved BMI, improved cardiovascular prevention etc.)

7. Volunteerism – the insight and power to do more for the entire diabetes community. We guarantee a feel-good mentality.

8. Altruistic – for the greater good in helping others – to be part of something bigger to help find new cures/treatments for all people living with diabetes both at staff and patient level.

9. Patient Data – make better/informed decisions for individual or community care and create new care pathways not only for LMC but other diabetes care centres.

10. Financial renumeration – to provide better healthcare coverage and/or defray the cost of managing their health (e.g. parking, mileage).

11. Physician & Healthcare Provider expertise – knowledge gained by participating in clinical research on best treatments/devices required to treat each patient.

12. Industry Partnership – sponsor relationships overall improved by exposure to medical science liaisons and more in depth understanding of offerings for each patient.