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While we lack specific evidence about diabetes and COVID-19, leading medical experts say that individuals with well-managed diabetes are NOT at increased risk of developing COVID-19. Experts further say that if someone with well-managed diabetes does develop COVID-19, they are not necessarily at higher risk of developing serious complications from the disease. Those at greatest risk are people with consistently elevated blood sugar levels and those with a second chronic disease (such as heart disease, renal disease or lung disease)*. If you do develop COVID-19, we encourage you to follow the sick day management guidelines outlined in the handouts below. Stay hydrated. Test your blood sugar/monitor your CGM/FGM more often. Be prepared to check for ketones. Adjust your insulin doses as needed (you may need more). Consider stopping some of your medications (outlined below) – but do not stop your insulin.


·       LMC Sick Day Survival  Type 1 Diabetes

·       LMC Sick Day Survival Type 2 Diabetes

For more information on how to take care of yourself during the COVID-19 pandemic, please join us for our live workshop Taking Care of Yourself during the COVID-19 Pandemic. We’ll be covering everything from diet and exercise to taking care of your mental health. Sign up below!

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* https://www.jdrf.ca/coronavirus/