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Many people struggle to keep active through the winter months because of the cold weather. This year has posed an extra challenge for us all with gym closures and other limitations. Despite this, we should still aim for 150 minutes of cardio activity per week such as walking or aerobics. This can be done in a bout of minimum 10 minutes or more. Additionally, we need 2-3 sessions of resistance (this works our muscles) per week. We are here to help you stay active, healthy and warm with some tips found below.

Use technology

  • There are a lot of free work outs available on YouTube. Search what type you are looking for such as “yoga”, “low impact”, “10 minute work out”

  • There are also lots of apps you can use such as “Nike Training Club,” “7 Minute Workout” or “ParticipACTION”

  • Check your local library for fitness DVDs to borrow

  • If you already have a gym membership, check if they offer online classes

  • Consider using a step counters in your smart phone, pedometers or other devices for extra feedback, support and motivation

Have equipment at home, and not sure how to use it?

  • Check out Diabetes Canada’s Exercise and Activity page: Click Here Scroll down to the bottom to find out how to plan your work out program, exercises to perform, videos and more

No equipment? No problem!

  • You can simply walk around your house. If available, use stairs for an added challenge

  • Turn on your favourite music and dance around

  • Look for cans, water bottles, or other household items that could be used in place of weights

  • Make regular activities more active. For example, if you’re watching television, get up during the commercials and march on the spot

Set yourself up for Success

  • Set a SMART goal = Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely. For example, instead of “I want to increase my physical activity” a SMART goal would sound like “I want to complete three online yoga classes per week by the end of December 2020”

  • Track your activity weekly with a goal of 150 minutes. If it’s the end of the week and you need that last 20 minutes, you’ll be more motivated to get it done

  • Involve your family members for extra accountability, support and fun

Get outside!

  • It’s still possible to participate in many outdoor activities throughout the winter months such as walking, snowshoeing, skiing , tobogganing, or skating.

  • Keep warm with layers, synthetic clothes, mittens/gloves, hats, scarves and warms socks and boots.

  • Check out this tips on how to stay safe outdoors in the winter: Click Here