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More than prescriptions!

March is Pharmacist Appreciation Month! Pharmacists can provide you with more than prescriptions. LMC Certified Diabetes Educator Pharmacist services are covered by OHIP, so there is no charge or requirement to change pharmacies! Here are some patient favourites that you may also benefit from:

  • Have questions or concerns about your medications? 1:1 Consultations are available to help answer your questions, help you understand new medications before starting, check coverage, deal with side effects and assess if a medication is working for you

  • Wondering about drug interactions? A Drug Interaction Assessment can check for conflicts and prevent side effects from combinations of prescription, non-prescription, over-the-counter, vitamins and minerals, natural health products and recreational drugs, such as cannabis

  • Injecting medication should NOT hurt! If it does, please let us help you figure out the cause and solution with an Injection Technique Assessment

  • Is your heart protected from the risks that come with diabetes? Comprehensive Medication Assessments, including the Diabetes Canada recommended assessment to make sure you have medications to protect your heart

  • Want to quit or reduce smoking? The Ontario Ministry of Health Quit Smoking Program can help you prepare to quit and provide medications to curb cravings and manage withdrawal

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