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It’s Diabetes Awareness Month! Here are 15 favourite services available at no charge at LMC Pharmacy

1. Personal Diabetes Report – A helpful, at-a-glance 1 pager with your recent A1C, blood pressure and cholesterol readings, as well as your factors for self-management to live a healthy life! Ask for yours at the LMC Pharmacy counter.

2. Ask a Pharmacist – Have medication questions or concerns? Ask away! We’re available in-person, by phone and by online video link.

3. No Strings Attached, 1:1 Consultation with a Certified Diabetes Educator Pharmacist – You don’t need to change pharmacies to receive diabetes consultations, assessments, training or education from our specialized team.

4. Comprehensive Drug Interactions Assessment – Never hurts to be safe and let our expert pharmacists check for drug interactions between your prescriptions, non-prescription, herbal, vitamin and recreational-use products.

5. Price Checking, including advice about coverage options – Is your medication covered? Are there assistance plans available? We can answer this, help you navigate coverage options and complete forms.

6. Sharps Containers – Please use a fresh lancet and needle each time, and properly dispose of these in a free medical waste sharps container.

7. Sharps Container & Disposal Service – Please bring your full sharps containers to LMC Pharmacy for safe, environmentally-friendly disposal. We even accept those you got from elsewhere.

8. Sick Day Management Care Plans – Did you know? When you are dehydrated or nauseous and eating less than usual, you need to stop taking certain medications until you are better. We can assess all your medications and provide you with a list so you know exactly which to temporarily hold.

9. Custom Medication Timetable Chart – Shift work, fasting or travel across time zones can make it hard to know when to take your medications. Take the guesswork out by getting a custom, personalized medication timing chart based on your schedule.

10. Family and Caregiver Training – Sometimes emergency situations need the help of others! We offer training to prepare your family, friends and caregivers to know when and how they can use Glucagon and Epinephrine.

11. We explain things in plain language – As well as in English, Cantonese, French, Gujarati, Hindi, Punjabi, Romanian, Spanish, Swahili, Urdu!

12. Flu Shots – Our injection certified pharmacists can provide flu shots to you and your family members aged 2 years and older. And these are by appointment, so you don’t have to wait in line!

13. Save Time! Get all your prescriptions together – We can coordinate and fill all your prescriptions together to save you time, trips to the pharmacy and simply make things more convenient.

14. Safe prescription pick-up options – Avoid crowds and rest assured that all entering the clinic are screened for COVID-19. You also have the option for convenient, stay-in-your car, curb-side pick up.

15. Environmentally-Friendly Medication Disposal Service – Keep old, unused, expired medications out of landfill, water supplies and the hands of children. Instead of tossing them in the trash or flushing them down the toilet, please bring these to LMC Pharmacy for safe, environmentally-friendly disposal.

Sharing is caring – All of the above services are available at no charge to LMC patients, family and friends. 

And while this is Diabetes Awareness Month, please know that we’re not just diabetes specialists! In addition to being Certified Diabetes Educators, we also have pharmacists who are Certified Geriatric Pharmacists, Certified Respiratory Educators, Smoking Cessation and Certified Tobacco Educators. As well, we are trained to conduct Cannabis screening for drug interactions and help with dosing advice.

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