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For many people, COVID-19 has meant not getting the usual labs, assessments and care. This can lead to delays in updating your treatment or possibly even undiagnosed issues.

Everyone wants to be on the most appropriate treatment options available.  Understandably, your doctor needs the most current information about your condition in order to make next step recommendations so you can be at your healthiest. For people living with diabetes, this means sharing your blood sugar readings, getting up-to-date lab work, and making sure you receive assessments about your feet, eyes and medications.

Here’s a checklist to get you back on track. How many items on the ABCDE’S checklist are you up-to-date on?

Optimal Self-Care Factors for People

Living with Diabetes

I’m up to date

Needs attention

A = A1C

  • I have current blood sugar readings

  • If using a Libre, I take scans every 8 hours so the doctor can have a continuous 24hr pattern to analyze and base my treatment on.

  • I have recently gotten my A1C lab work.

  • If prescribed diabetes medication, I take it as directed.



B = Blood Pressure

  • I have had my blood pressure checked recently.

  • If prescribed blood pressure medication, I take it as directed.



C = Cholesterol

  • I have had my cholesterol checked recently.

  • If prescribed cholesterol medication, I take it as directed.



D = Drugs for Heart Protection

  • Diabetes increases the risk of heart health issues, such as stroke and heart disease.  I have been assessed to receive medication to protect my heart.

  • If prescribed medication to protect my heart, I take it as directed.



E = Exercise & Healthy Eating

  • I get 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous aerobic activity weekly.

  • I do resistance exercises 2 -3 times a week.

  • I eat a healthy diet.



S = Screening to Prevent or Catch Complications

  • I got my annual diabetes foot assessment to check for changes in my nerves and circulation, to check for wounds and healing issues, and to prevent infections and amputation.

  • I got my annual dilated retinal exam to check for vision changes.

  • I got my annual (or more often as asked) eGFR and ACR lab work to check how my kidneys are functioning.

  • If over 40 years old or I have diabetes complications, I get my ECG every 3 – 5 years to check for changes in my heart function.



S = Smoking Cessation

  • If a smoker or “second-hand smoker”, I have received current information about the impact of smoking to my diabetes, heart and overall heath.

  • If a smoker, I am aware of the resources available to help me quit or reduce my smoking  e.g. free 1:1 quit smoking consultations, sample medications, motivational contests, support groups.



S = Self-Management & Stress

  • I have written down my top Self-Care goal(s).

  • I have identified areas of Stress or concern in my life that make self-care challenging AND I have asked my healthcare provider(s) for recommendations and resources.



We hope you scored well on the checklist. These are factors which contribute to your diabetes management and quality of life.

For information on many of these topics, Free Online Group Education Workshops are available from the LMC Healthcare Diabetes Education Program. Click the button to join a workshop. Join workshop Popular workshops include Taking Care of Yourself During COIVD-19, Carb Counting and Advanced Insulin Titration Sessions.

If you have questions or would like help with any items that need attention, please reach out to an LMC Diabetes Educator Pharmacist at [email protected]