Happy New Year! Many people will be setting new years’ resolutions this month and we want to make sure you succeed!

A helpful way of setting goals is using the SMART framework. SMART stands for:

Specific – sometimes goals start out as a broad concept like “I want to eat healthier” but it’s helpful to make this more concrete so you have a clear direction to work towards.

Measureable – it’s helpful to associate a number with your goal so you’re able to tell when you’ve actually achieved the goal.

Actionable – instead of saying “I want to lose weight” we want to focus on an actionable item such as increasing your physical activity.

Realistic – if you are not currently exercising, you may not want to set a goal to exercise every day. Instead aim to make small gradual changes and perhaps aiming for 1-3 times per week instead of every day will set you up better for success.

Timely – it’s easy to procrastinate on a goal if there is no timeline. Make sure you include when you want to have the goal completed by.

See below for some SMART goal swaps:








We’ve also created this SMART goal worksheet to help you: Click Here

Wishing you a productive 2021!