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Our expert Chiropodists are professionally-trained foot care specialists, and would like to share some tips for finding the ideal pair of supportive shoes for you and everyone you’re shopping for.


Did you know that it’s best to try on new shoes at the end of the day because it more accurately represents your foot size? Shoe sizes in Canada are not standardized, so you could be a size 8 in one pair of shoes and a size 9 in another. The best way to ensure the shoe fits is to remove the insole from the shoe, step directly on it, and ensure there is one thumb’s width of space from the tip of your longest toe to front edge of the insole. Remember to always try on both shoes, walk around, and bounce on the spot for a few minutes to test their fit – if they feel uncomfortable initially, they will always feel that way.


Must Haves in a Supportive Pair of Shoes

1. The rubber sole should be moderately firm for support and cushion – a supportive shoe should not be able to bend or twist in the middle of the sole

2. A firm heel counter with an “Achilles Notch” for comfort – we should not be able to pinch the back edges of the shoe together

3. Shoes with eyelets for laces allow for adjustability

4. A comfortably cushioned tongue to prevent irritating the foot

5. Shoes are made from a breathable material for proper ventilation

Shoes differ depending on the activity they’re intended for and the type of foot resting in them. It is our specialty to assess biomechanics and recognize what foot type you have.

If you, or anyone you know have any questions regarding their foot care and footwear, please don’t hesitate to make an appointment by calling at 1-844-562-3668 or email: [email protected]. We welcome all ages and foot types to our services.