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Most people with chronic conditions have treatments that include medications, and yet 50% of Canadians do not take their medications as prescribed. Here are some tips to get the most benefit from your medications!

1) If you have medication questions or concerns, discuss these with your pharmacist! They are here to help and there is no such thing as a bad, silly or trivial question – after all, this is your health we’re talking about!

2) Understand your medications better. The more you understand about your medications, the more empowered you will be about your treatments. Here’s a chart with 5 Questions to Ask About Your Medications.

3) Trust your gut, but don’t abandon your resources! You may feel that a medication isn’t right for you, or that it is no longer useful. Before you simply stop taking it, please discuss this with your doctor or pharmacist. Some medications are not meant to be stopped “cold turkey”, and your specific situation may still require some sort of treatment. Your healthcare provider can help you with safe transitions and treatment alternatives.

Your LMC Pharmacist

Do you have medication questions?  Book an appointment with the LMC Pharmacy Team. Our pharmacists are medication experts and Certified Diabetes Educators, Certified Geriatric Pharmacists, Certified Respiratory Educators and Travel Health Medicine Certified.  Medication assessments, education and training are available to LMC patients at no charge. And you don’t have to change your home pharmacy! www.lmc.ca | [email protected]