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1) Facilitated Communication

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2) Appointment Bookings

Our medical office administrators assist as multi-disciplinary ‘coordinators’, assisting patients to book all of their appointments under 1 roof.

Booking Inquiries: 1-866-701-3636 (ENDO)

3) Appointment reminders

Our medical office administrator reminds patients of upcoming appointments for imaging.

4) Data informed care

We upload devices (pumps, CGMs, BGMS) to update physicians about patient’s blood sugar.

5) Specialist Referrals

Referral to other specialities outside LMC when required for patient’s whole health.

6) Pediatric to adult care transition

Established protocols for T1DM patients transitioning to adult care to help ‘ease’ the stress of this change.

7) Coordinated diagnostic care

Help patients get their lab/imaging testing done by sending requisitions: by mail to their home, emailing to the patient, using our secure messaging system, faxing to labs/clinics/hospitals.

8) Continuity of care

Contacting patients when they are due for follow up care to ensure continuity of care