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As we all go through various stressors during COVID-19, you may hear messaging about testing yourself more frequently.

While there are many ways to test your sugar levels

  • Traditional meters and strips

  • CGMs (Dexcom and Guardian 3) and

  • FGM (Libre)

On occasion you may also need to test your ketone levels.  For example, if you suspect DKA.  Current ketone testing supplies on the market include

  • Precision Xtra Blood Ketone Strips, used in Freestyle Libre reader devices and the Freestyle Precision Neo blood glucose meter

  • Ketostix, for testing ketones in urine

  • Keto-Diastix, for testing both ketones and glucose in urine

If you have questions about ketone testing or need ketone testing supplies, our CDE Pharmacists at LMC Pharmacy and Diabetes Depot would be happy to help you.  You can reach us at

Hypo Emergency Kits

Hope you never need it, but it’s one of those things you should have in case of emergency.  We’re talking about your hypoglycemia care and emergency kit.  The two things you want are

  • Quick glucose sources

  • Glucagon

For the glucose source, you don’t want it to just be sweet, but you also need fast-dissolving or make-its-way-quickly-into-the-bloodstream types of sugar.   Think sugar tabs (Dex-4), sugar dissolved in water and juice boxes.  While a chocolate bar tastes sweet, the fat content means the sugar is not as quickly available.

For glucagon, did you know you now have more options?  In addition to the traditional glucagon injections (Glucagen hypo kit, Glucagon syringe), there is also a Glucagon nasal spray (Baqsimi).  This new format is generating quite a buzz as

  • No injection required

  • No injection training of your caregivers required, although they should still be trained how to properly give you the nasal spray if you are unconscious

  • Ease of training and use compared to an injection format

  • Since not a syringe, fewer transport concerns

  • Available from pharmacies

If you have questions about what to do in the event of low blood sugar levels, or would like more information about products to use during a hypoglycemic event, our CDE Pharmacists at LMC Pharmacy and Diabetes Depot would be happy to help you.  You can reach us at