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1. Multi-disciplinary care – We take a multi-disciplinary approach to diabetes offering multiple diabetes-related services under one roof: diabetes specialist care, diabetes education, optometry, foot specialist care, pharmacy, research.

2. Integrated Care – Integrated multi-disciplinary care teams working together to deliver coordinated, comprehensive and convenient diabetes care.

3. Proactive Care – Preventive health screenings for eyes and feet to catch issues early and prevent diabetes-related complications.

4. Expert Care – Our specialists are experts in their field and many are world renowned for their contributions in the areas of patient care, education and research.

5. Short wait times (60% lower than the national average) – Urgent patients can be scheduled within a week.

6. Virtual Care – Virtual appointments available with Endocrinologists, Diabetes Educators, Health Coaches and Pharmacists.

7. Digitally-Enabled Care – Leverage digital technology to facilitate appointment bookings, notifications and care interactions.

8. Multiple locations – 13 locations across Canada; can drive to a LMC clinic within 30 min from anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area.

9. Multiple Languages – More than 30 languages spoken by our providers and staff combined.

10. Patient Centric Care – Involve patients as active and equal participants in their care.

11. Patient Empowerment – Empower patients with the tools, knowledge, and skills needed to manage their diabetes and improve their overall health.

12. Personalized Care – Design care plans that meet the patient’s unique needs, goals & lifestyle.

13. Flexible care – Flexible treatment options that can adapt to a patient’s changing needs and goals.

14. Service Excellence – Deliver outstanding care combined with exceptional customer service.

15. Innovative care – Introduce patients to new devices and therapies that will help them manage their diabetes.