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Hey! I’m Gabrielle – LMC’s first ever T1D (Type 1 diabetes) health coach! I am curious… do you feel that there is just so much to think about when you are living with T1D, or that nobody gets what living with T1D really means? Or maybe you are feeling defeated in your own management, or you just want a safe space to talk about how you’re feeling about the ups & downs of T1D. If you’ve been living with T1D for many years, or if you are newly diagnosed, you are quickly realizing that T1D is no easy feat. The education you’ve learned early on can only take you so far in your day-to-day management. But what about the realities that come with T1D that just aren’t talked about?  


In partnership with Diabetes Canada and the Diabetes Leadership Foundation, LMC is launching the first ever T1D Coaching Program! This program was designed with your feelings, thoughts, and goals in mind – we want you to feel heard, understood, and confident in managing all parts of living with T1D on your own.  


The program will not only cover topics such as nutrition beyond carb counting and practical solutions to exercise, but also topics related to your privacy, relationships, healthy coping, and so much more! Essentially, you will learn more about T1D but from a different perspective. You will work closely with your T1D health coach, while working through modules that address your unique needs. These modules were written by experts and people living with T1D to really highlight the real-life challenges of T1D. My job is to help you shift your mindset, conquer your challenges, help you create strategies to achieve your goals. I want you to live your best life while living with T1D.

T1D testing blood sugar

Here is an overview of the T1D Coaching Program:  

  • 6-months of dedicated support and coaching at no cost to you!

  • You will work closely with a T1D health coach who has a lot of professional training and experience in type 1 diabetes management.

  • You will be empowered to take control of your health and diabetes, while providing compassion and support. 

  • We are thrilled to offer you weekly virtual appointments for the first 3 months and then monthly virtual appointments for the last 3 months of the program.

  • You can reach your T1D health coach in between visits if you have any questions or concerns.

If you’re ready to embark on a whole new way to think and learn about T1D, visit this website: https://www.lmc.ca/coaching/ and click on ‘Apply now’ to fill in the form. Someone will be in touch with you shortly!