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1. Evidence-based knowledge and education – Help dispel diabetes myths.

2. Education & Support – Teach patients how to care for themselves and support them along the way!

3. Blood Sugar Pattern Insights – Help patients identify patterns in their blood sugars so that they can make changes when necessary.

4. Travel preparation – Help patients prepare for travel to ensure a safe and enjoyable holiday!

5. Physical Activity – Help patients learn how to include exercise into their lifestyle for overall health and to help with their diabetes.

6. Nutrition Information – Help patients understand how food affects blood sugars.

7. Personalized Nutrition Counselling – Help patients choose foods that they like that also help with blood sugar management.

8. Problem Solving Skills – Teach patients how to problem solve through challenges and come up with solutions that work for patients and for their diabetes.

9. Personalized Blood Sugar Insights – Help patients understand what raises their blood sugars and what lowers their blood sugar levels.

10. Understanding stress & blood sugars – Help patients understand how physical stress and emotional stress affect their blood sugars.

11. Weight Management – Help patients with reaching their ideal weight.

12. Technology – Help patients understand the new technologies available to help them manage their diabetes.

13. Practical Tips & Tricks – Provide patients with tips & tricks to make living with diabetes easier for patients!

14. Goal Oriented – Help patients set goals related to their overall health and well-being.

15. Group Sessions – Offer small group sessions which allow patients to meet other people living with diabetes for additional support and guidance along the way.

16. Insulin Pump Therapy – Offer support and information on insulin pump therapy!

17. Highs & Lows – Help patients prevent and manage high and low blood sugars.

18. Cooking – Teach patients how to cook and prepare healthy foods.

19. Life Challenges – Help support patients though life challenges and changes that may be impacting their diabetes.

20. Insulin Dosing – Help patients match their insulin dose to the food that patients eat.