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Hello April! Many Canadians welcome April’s warmer weather by putting away their winter boots and bringing out their summer footwear. However, before you take on new adventures in last year’s shoes or sandals, it’s important to ensure that this footwear still fits your feet properly. Jumping back into summer footwear quickly, may introduce blisters and sores. Please see our list below for a few items to check for when assessing your summer shoes and sandals at home:

  • It’s best to try on shoes mid-day compared to the morning time. Walking on your feet causes them to expand, so trying on shoes later in the day provides a more accurate measure for well-fitting shoes.

  • Ensure that the width of the shoe accommodates your foot, noticing if any part of your foot tries to spill over the edges of the shoe.

  • Make notes of any tightness you feel around your feet, and adjust the straps if possible. For individuals showing signs of neuropathy, it’s important to ask someone else to check the fit of your shoes in case you have difficulties noticing tight spots.

  • From a standing position, note which of your toes is the longest, and ensure there is at least one thumb’s width of space (0.5 inch) between that toe and the front edge of your shoe.

  • Do not wear shoes with the expectation to “break them in”. Ensure the shape of the bottom and top of the shoe matches that of your foot.

If you have any questions about the shoes in your footwear collection, feel free to bring them to your next chiropody appointment for your Chiropodist to assess! LMC Chiropodists can also educate you on exercises to strengthen the muscles of your feet, and determine if corrective medical devices, such as custom-made orthotics, may be suitable for you.


Please remember how important your feet are to your overall health. If you take care of your feet, your body will thank you.


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