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Hellooo Sunshine! Many Canadians welcome May’s warmer weather for the long, sunny days, the enjoyment of cool drinks, and the chance to wear open-toed shoes. Though, before you take on summer adventures in last year’s sandals, it’s important to ensure that this footwear still fits well to your feet as jumping back into them quickly may introduce blisters and sores. A few notes to check for when assessing your sandals at home:

  • It’s best to try on shoes mid-day compared to the morning time. Walking on your feet causes them to expand, so trying on shoes later in the day provides a more accurate measure for well-fitting shoes.

  • Ensure that the width of the shoe accommodates your foot, noticing if any part of your foot tries to spill over the edges of the shoe.

  • Make notes of any tightness you feel around your feet, and adjust the straps if possible. For individuals showing signs of neuropathy, it’s important to ask someone else to check the fit of your shoes in case you have difficulties noticing tight spots.

  • From a standing position, note which of your toes is the longest, and ensure there is at least one thumb’s width of space (0.5 inch) between that toe and the front edge of your shoe.

  • Do not wear shoes with the expectation to “break them in”. Ensure the shape of the bottom and top of the shoe matches that of your foot.

Beware of Bare Feet

Freeing your toes from socks and shoes on a hot day sounds enticing, but common barefooted areas like pools may introduce the contraction of commonly contagious viruses known as warts. Warts can appear on any area of the skin. What may have started on the bottom on the foot can easily catch on to other areas like the hands, arms, and face if contact has been made. Protect yourself by wearing sandals on pool decks and washing your socks with hot water to help disinfect any lingering bacteria.

Dry Feet in Summer Heat

Our skin is constantly fighting the elements for moisture. Whether from the dry, winter air that draws moisture from our skin, or the hot Sun blazing on exposed feet in summer footwear, our expert foot specialists recommend urea-based moisturizers to best retain the hydration in your feet. Apply moisturizer to the tops and bottoms of your feet, concentrating on around the heels, but DO NOT apply it between the toes. Extra moisture between the toes feeds the growth of unwanted bacteria and fungus.