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We are pleased to announce that your LMC Diabetes Education team is once again holding “Getting Ready for RAMADAN” workshops this year. These workshops will assist you to safely manage your diabetes during the month of Ramadan. Topics to be covered will include healthy eating and information about risks associated with fasting in diabetes and how to manage them.


The workshops are free and will be offered in PERSON and ONLINE.


Workshops will be held at our Etobicoke and Brampton locations on the following dates and times:



Hindi/Urdu Ramadan workshop in office : April 5th at 10:30am
Hindi/Urdu Ramadan workshop in office : April 13th at 11:00am

English Ramadan workshop in office: April 17th at 10:30am
Hindi/Urdu Ramadan workshop in office : April 10th at 10:30am


**If you would like to attend a workshop please send an email to [email protected] with the Location and Date you prefer.


Workshop in English: Friday, April 5th , 2019 at 7pm-8:30pm

**If you would like to attend the Online Getting Ready for Ramadan workshop, please follow this link to sign up:



If you have any further questions, please reach out to Gagandeep Gill by emailing [email protected].


Thank you,

LMC Diabetes and Endocrinology Education Team