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A recent February 2021 survey[1] of Canadians living with chronic diseases – like arthritis, cancer, diabetes, heart disease or obesity – revealed that many people have missed out on routine care. Some people may think they’re reducing potential health risks by avoiding physician appointments and even the emergency room, but delaying care can also increase other negative health outcomes.

Many high-risk people with diabetes continued to receive care throughout 2020, but those with lower risks tended to delay or miss appointments, resulting in their condition being less monitored. Simply put, some people shifted from low to medium risk, or from medium to high risk, due to lack of monitoring and preventive care.

In practical terms, perhaps your A1C has crept up, your Time in Range is not as much as it was, you’re experiencing more hypos, or your blood pressure or cholesterol levels aren’t as well controlled as they were in the past. On a more serious note, diabetes-related foot ulcers and amputations have increased significantly.

What can be done now?

Although the pandemic continues, there are many virtual care options to help you get back on track.

  • If you have any questions about your medications, LMC CDE Pharmacists are available for phone and online video consultations.

  • If your feet are bothering you, the LMC Chiropodist can also help with a virtual consultation.

As well, if you do need to be seen in person for a special foot, eye or medication assessment, please know that LMC Chiropody, LMC Optometry and LMC Pharmacy are operating in the clinic with full infection prevention and safety measures.

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