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Foot problems are common in people living with diabetes. Diabetes restricts the blood from travelling through the smalls blood vessels in our feet. This can cause difficulty for even the smallest of cuts to heal, and can potentially lead to infection. Our nerves and sensation can also be affected which may cause symptoms such as, numbness and tingling to arise. Routine foot care should be an essential part of managing your condition. According to the International Diabetes Federation, seeing your chiropodist at least once a year reduces your risk of amputation by 85%. It is not too late to book a diabetes foot risk assessment with a chiropodist near you!


Keeping you feet healthy, especially during this time, is imperative for your overall health. Please see our list below for 7 action steps to ensure your optimal foot health.

Action Steps for People Living with Diabetes


1. Inspect your feet daily

  • Check your feet and toes every day for cuts, bruises, or sores

  • Check for changes to the toenails (i.e. thickening and discolouration)


2. Exercise

  • Walking can help with weight management and improving circulation

  • Helps to maintain blood sugar levels within ideal range


3. Have new shoes properly measured and fitted

  • Foot size and shape may change over time


4. Do not go barefoot

  • Do not go without shoes, even in the home

  • Inspect shoes for foreign objects, animal hair, pebbles, etc., prior to putting them on


5. Wear seamless soft socks

  • Avoid socks with seams that may rub and cause blisters or other skin injuries

  • White socks are best


6. Never remove corns, callouses or warts by yourself

  • Over the counter products can burn the skin and cause irreversible damage to the foot for people living with diabetes

  • Moisturize your feet – apply cream to the top and bottom of the feet, not between the toes

  • Do not soak your feet


7. See your Chiropodist

  • Regular checkups by a Chiropodist– at least annually – are the best way to ensure that your feet remain healthy

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