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Virtual Care Appointments

While so much has changed, we know that reconnecting with your Chiropodist and expressing your foot concerns is important. We are now offering live online consultations through which we can then provide professional advice and education on your next steps. We are aware that the format & delivery of the appointment may be different, but we assure you that the education will be very similar to what you would experience in person.


Virtual Care consultations may include:

  • Consultation of a new or existing podiatric condition

  • Education on self-care including diabetes foot care advice, exercise prescriptions, and wound care advice

  • Skin and nail evaluations (including assessments for fungal infections, dermatitis, etc.)

  • Biomechanical examinations to help with gait training

  • Education on orthopaedic devices such as custom-made orthotics or compression stocking

Not applicable to Virtual Care:

  • Consultation that requires technical skill (debridement of nails, corn and callous, soft-tissue surgeries, wart debridement and wound therapy)


To book a Virtual Care appointment please email us at [email protected].




Urgent Care Appointments

The College of Chiropodists of Ontario has mandated we cancel all non-essential, non-urgent Chiropody appointments until further notice. With this directive, we have had to close most of our LMC Chiropody clinics. We are hopeful to be deemed an essential service in the upcoming weeks.


However, we are available for urgent appointments at our LMC Oakville and LMC Ottawa locations. If you have a wound, infection, trauma or sudden onset of symptoms such as unexplained pain, swelling or redness please email us at [email protected] or call us at 1-844-LMC-FOOT (1-844-562-3668).