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On September 26, 2021, Health Canada issued a recall on Glucagon- specifically for Lot D239382A, which has an expiry of May 10, 2022. Here is the link to the Health Canada Advisory.

If you are in possession of Glucagon with this Lot number, please return it to your supplier/pharmacy for an exchange.

Use Insulin? Have Glucagon

Glucagon is the emergency rescue medication used if a person taking insulin has very low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) and requires help from others to prevent deterioration or in response to passing out.

People who use insulin should also have glucagon on hand just in case, especially if you are prone to “lows”. The catch is, if you are the person experiencing the low and having difficult or even passed out, that means you need a caregiver or friends who know how to help you! To be ready ahead of time, make sure a family member, caregiver or friends knows where you keep this medication and how to use it.

There are Three Glucagon Options in Canada


Product Name





Nasal Spray

Caregiver/friend/rescuer takes device out of container, inserts into nose and presses the trigger button to release the dose in the nose.

*No breathing deeply required – this is for the nose, not the lungs.

GlucaGen Hypo Kit


Caregiver/friend/rescuer takes vial (with dry powder) and syringe (with liquid already in it) and injects liquid into the vial to dissolve the powder. Mix well until all dissolved and clear with no bits floating around. The mixed solution is drawn into the syringe and injected into a muscle.



Questions and Personal / Group Training

If you have questions about glucagon or would like a training session for yourself and your caregivers, please contact our Certified Diabetes Educator Pharmacists (Ontario) [email protected]