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1. Type 2 diabetes risk assessment – Help participants understand their own personal risk for type 2 diabetes.

2. Know the risks – Teach participants about all the risks for type 2 diabetes and why it’s important to prevent it.

3. A personal health coach – That participants work with one-on-one for a whole year.

4. A library of education – Access to education modules covering 21 topics related to diabetes prevention.

5. Goal setting – Help participants set health goals around what’s most important to them.

6. Custom meal plan – Give participants a simple meal plan to guide them on adapting how participants eat.

7. Tracking tools – Tools to track their progress toward their health goals.

8. Community – Webinars, so participants can engage with others enrolled in the CDPP and their journey.

9. Motivation – Gift card prize draws to help motivate and encourage their progress.

10. Sustainable changes – Tools to help participants sustain lifestyle changes to reduce their risk of type 2 diabetes for years to come.

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