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LMC as a whole!

1. Multi-disciplinary care – We take a multi-disciplinary approach to diabetes offering multiple diabetes-related services under one roof: diabetes specialist care, diabetes education, optometry, foot specialist care, pharmacy, research.

2. Integrated Care – Integrated multi-disciplinary care teams working together to deliver coordinated, comprehensive and convenient diabetes care.

3. Proactive Care – Preventive health screenings for eyes and feet to catch issues early and prevent diabetes-related complications.

4. Expert Care – Our specialists are experts in their field and many are world renowned for their contributions in the areas of patient care, education and research.

5. Short wait times (60% lower than the national average) – Urgent patients can be scheduled within a week.

6. Virtual Care – Virtual appointments available with Endocrinologists, Diabetes Educators, Health Coaches and Pharmacists.

7. Digitally-Enabled Care – Leverage digital technology to facilitate appointment bookings, notifications and care interactions.

8. Multiple locations – 13 locations across Canada; can drive to a LMC clinic within 30 min from anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area.

9. Multiple Languages – More than 30 languages spoken by our providers and staff combined.

10. Patient Centric Care – Involve patients as active and equal participants in their care.

11. Patient Empowerment – Empower patients with the tools, knowledge, and skills needed to manage their diabetes and improve their overall health.

12. Personalized Care – Design care plans that meet the patient’s unique needs, goals & lifestyle.

13. Flexible care – Flexible treatment options that can adapt to a patient’s changing needs and goals.

14. Service Excellence – Deliver outstanding care combined with exceptional customer service.

15. Innovative care – Introduce patients to new devices and therapies that will help them manage their diabetes.


16. Evidence-based knowledge and education – Help dispel diabetes myths.

17. Education & Support – Teach patients how to care for themselves and support them along the way!

18. Blood Sugar Pattern Insights – Help patients identify patterns in their blood sugars so that they can make changes when necessary.

19. Travel preparation – Help patients prepare for travel to ensure a safe and enjoyable holiday!

20. Physical Activity – Help patients learn how to include exercise into their lifestyle for overall health and to help with their diabetes.

21. Nutrition Information – Help patients understand how food affects blood sugars.

22. Personalized Nutrition Counselling – Help patients choose foods that they like that also help with blood sugar management.

23. Problem Solving Skills – Teach patients how to problem solve  through challenges and come up with solutions that work for patients and for their diabetes.

24. Personalized Blood Sugar Insights – Help patients understand what raises their blood sugars and what lowers their blood sugar levels

25. Understanding stress & blood sugars – Help patients understand how physical stress and emotional stress affect their blood sugars

26. Weight Management – Help patients with reaching their ideal weight

27. Technology – Help patients understand the new technologies available to help them manage their diabetes

28. Practical Tips & Tricks – Provide patients with tips & tricks to make living with diabetes easier for patients!

29. Goal Oriented – Help patients set goals related to their overall health and well-being.

30. Group Sessions – Offer small group sessions which allow patients to meet other people living with diabetes for additional support and guidance along the way.

31. Insulin Pump Therapy – Offer support and information on insulin pump therapy!

32. Highs & Lows – Help patients prevent and manage high and low blood sugars

33. Cooking – Teach patients how to cook and prepare healthy foods

34. Life Challenges – Help support patients though life challenges and changes that may be impacting their diabetes.

35. Insulin Dosing – Help patients match their insulin dose to the food that patients eat.

LMC Pharmacy

1. Personal Diabetes Report – A helpful, at-a-glance 1 pager with your recent A1C, blood pressure and cholesterol readings, as well as your factors for self-management to live a healthy life! Ask for yours at the LMC Pharmacy counter.

2. Ask a Pharmacist – Have medication questions or concerns? Ask away! We’re available in-person, by phone and by online video link.

3. No Strings Attached, 1:1 Consultation with a Certified Diabetes Educator Pharmacist – You don’t need to change pharmacies to receive diabetes consultations, assessments, training or education from our specialized team.

4. Comprehensive Drug Interactions Assessment – Never hurts to be safe and let our expert pharmacists check for drug interactions between your prescriptions, non-prescription, herbal, vitamin and recreational-use products.

5. Price Checking, including advice about coverage options – Is your medication covered? Are there assistance plans available? We can answer this, help you navigate coverage options and complete forms.

6. Sharps Containers – Please use a fresh lancet and needle each time, and properly dispose of these in a free medical waste sharps container.

7. Sharps Container & Disposal Service – Please bring your full sharps containers to LMC Pharmacy for safe, environmentally-friendly disposal. We even accept those you got from elsewhere.

8. Sick Day Management Care Plans – Did you know? When you are dehydrated or nauseous and eating less than usual, you need to stop taking certain medications until you are better. We can assess all your medications and provide you with a list so you know exactly which to temporarily hold.

9. Custom Medication Timetable Chart – Shift work, fasting or travel across time zones can make it hard to know when to take your medications. Take the guesswork out by getting a custom, personalized medication timing chart based on your schedule.

10. Family and Caregiver Training – Sometimes emergency situations need the help of others! We offer training to prepare your family, friends and caregivers to know when and how they can use Glucagon and Epinephrine.

11. We explain things in plain language – As well as in English, Cantonese, French, Gujarati, Hindi, Punjabi, Romanian, Spanish, Swahili, Urdu!

12. Flu Shots – Our injection certified pharmacists can provide flu shots to you and your family members aged 2 years and older. And these are by appointment, so you don’t have to wait in line!

13. Save Time! Get all your prescriptions together – We can coordinate and fill all your prescriptions together to save you time, trips to the pharmacy and simply make things more convenient.

14. Safe prescription pick-up options – Avoid crowds and rest assured that all entering the clinic are screened for COVID-19. You also have the option for convenient, stay-in-your car, curb-side pick up.

15. Environmentally-Friendly Medication Disposal Service – Keep old, unused, expired medications out of landfill, water supplies and the hands of children. Instead of tossing them in the trash or flushing them down the toilet, please bring these to LMC Pharmacy for safe, environmentally-friendly disposal.

LMC Optometry

51. Specialize in Diabetes – Optometrists who diagnose, monitor, treat and refer for diabetes related complications related to the eye.

52. Diabetic Retinopathy – Risk Factors – Identify patients at risk of developing diabetic retinopathy.

53. Diabetic Retinopathy – Early Detection – Detect diabetic retinopathy early so that it can treated effectively. Early intervention results in a much better outcome for their eyes.

54. Eye Health Monitoring – Monitor patient’s eyes for any vision changes or progression of the condition.

55. Eye Health Education – Optometrists who are in a unique position to educate patients with diabetes about their condition, increasing their awareness and understanding of the disease.

56. Referrals – Provide suitable referrals to specialists if needed.

57. Collaborative – Optometrists who build trusted professional relationships with other specialists to drive collaboration & facilitate patient care.

58. Integrated Care – An LMC endocrinologist who has direct access to the patient’s medical eye health exam.

59. State of the art diagnostic optometric equipment – Allows for safer exams and consistent exams allow for comparison and early detection of certain medical conditions.

60. Eyewear – We offer glasses and contact lenses on site, allowing for a seamless interaction for the patient and follow-up for any vision changes.

LMC Chiropody

61. Improved mobility – LMC Chiropodists can improve mobility so that patients can enjoy an active lifestyle.

62. Reduced disability – With just one yearly appointment Chiropodists can reduce the risk of diabetic foot amputations by 85%.

63. Can’t reach their toenails? We can! – LMC Chiropodists manage all types of nail care.

64. Fashionable compression products – LMC chiropodists have compression stockings with patterns and fabrics that patients will love to show off!

65. Wart removal – Chiropodists are experts at making them disappear.

66. Prevent health issues – Feet are a window to overall health. A chiropody assessment can detect and prevent many health issues patients are unaware of.

67. Comfort – Chiropodists can reduce pain and improve comfort in the muscles and joints.

68. Beautify feet – Dry and cracked heels be gone. Our LMC Chiropodists have specialized tools to make your feet look their best.

69. Wound care – Oh no, it was a simple blister and now patients have a diabetic wound on their foot! Our LMC Chiropodists are superheroes with respect to treating foot wounds.

70. Healing in-grown toenails – Ouch, red and painful toenails! Our LMC Chiropodists specialize in healing in-grown toenails.

LMC Manna Research

71. Access to latest therapies – we offer patients access the new cutting-edge medications and devices.

72. Coverage – access to medications and/or devices for those who cannot afford or whom may not have benefit plans or coverage

73. Education – extra care through study visits and monitoring.

74. Team Approach – access to other services, ability to identify other health care professionals needed to manage your health and seek assistance in obtaining access to that help.

75. Closer oversight & monitoring – not only for diabetes but also general health such as tests performed that may uncover other unknown diseases.

76. Patient empowerment – joining research helps patients feel empowered and may improve better health outcomes (e.g. improved A1C, improved BMI, improved cardiovascular prevention etc.)

77. Volunteerism – the insight and power to do more for the entire diabetes community. We guarantee a feel-good mentality.

78. Altruistic – for the greater good in helping others – to be part of something bigger to help find new cures/treatments for all people living with diabetes both at staff and patient level.

79. Patient Data – make better/informed decisions for individual or community care and create new care pathways not only for LMC but other diabetes care centres.

80. Financial renumeration – to provide better healthcare coverage and/or defray the cost of managing their health (e.g. parking, mileage).

81. Physician & Healthcare Provider expertise – knowledge gained by participating in clinical research on best treatments/devices required to treat each patient.

82. Industry Partnership – sponsor relationships overall improved by exposure to medical science liaisons and more in depth understanding of offerings for each patient.

Canadian Diabetes Prevention Program (CDPP)

83. Type 2 diabetes risk assessment – Help participants understand their own personal risk for type 2 diabetes.

84. Know the risks – Teach participants about all the risks for type 2 diabetes and why its important to prevent it.

85. A personal health coach – That participants work with one-on-one for a whole year.

86. A library of education – Access to education modules covering 21 topics related to diabetes prevention.

87. Goal setting – Help participants set health goals around what’s most important to them.

88. Custom meal plan – Give participants a simple meal plan to guide them on adapting how participants eat.

89. Tracking tools – Tools to track their progress toward their health goals.

90. Community – Webinars, so participants can engage with others enrolled in the CDPP and their journey.

91. Motivation – Gift card prize draws to help motivate and encourage their progress.

92. Sustainable changes – Tools to help participants sustain lifestyle changes to reduce their risk of type 2 diabetes for years to come.

Clinic Operations and Administrative Team

93. Facilitated Communication – Connect with our team via phone, email and in person.

94. Appointment Bookings – Our medical office assistants assist as multi-disciplinary ‘coordinators’, assisting patients to book all of their appointments under 1 roof.

95. Appointment reminders – Our medical office administrator remind patients of upcoming appointments for imaging.

96. Data informed care – We upload devices (pumps, CGMs, BGMS) to update physicians about patient’s blood sugar.

97. Specialist Referrals – Referral to other specialities outside LMC when required for patients whole health.

98. Pediatric to adult care transition – Established protocols for T1DM patients transitioning to adult care to help ‘ease’ the stress of this change.

99. Coordinated diagnostic care – Help patients get their lab/imaging testing done by sending requisitions: by mail to their home, emailing to the patient, using our secure messaging system, faxing to labs/clinics/hospitals.

100. Continuity of care – Contacting patients when they are due for follow up care to ensure continuity of care.