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If you’re wondering about the health of your heart, take a look at your feet.

Your feet are often forgotten about. They get squished into shoes, stepped on, and not properly taken care of. This may be true for many of us; however, your feet could hold key signs about the state of your heart. Taking proper care of your feet can benefit your heart health immensely.

There are many signs that are conclusive to heart disease. Some include shortness of breath and discomfort in the chest. However, many patients dealing with heart issues do not have these signs, and therefore are not aware of any heart issues they may have. Instead, signs of heart disease often show in the patient’s feet. Please see below for some indications that your heart health may be at risk.

Indications of heart problems in the feet:

  • Poor circulation in the feet, or feet that are always cold

  • Discomfort in the feet and legs

  • Irregular pulses in the feet

  • Skin colour changes in the feet

  • Sores and ulcers that are not healing

  • Hair loss on the feet

Please note that it is very important to have your feet checked by your chiropodist at least once per year. Chiropodists are able to do specific testing on your feet to ensure your optimal health. They will take a look at your skin, circulation, hair, nails and nerves, all of which can affect your heart health. From there, they will give you education and a maintenance plan that will help you deal with any issues you may have in your feet.

Chiropodists are able to prescribe circulation promoting garments, such as compression stockings which in turn, reduce the swelling in your feet and legs. They can evaluate your footwear to ensure you have enough room for your feet, thus reducing the risk of blister and ulcer formation. If you do have a blister or ulcer that has already formed, they have the tools to help remove the excess skin and help your wound heal. Chiropodists are also able to educate you on different steps and exercises you can do to increase your overall health. If you have any of the issues mentioned above, you should book an appointment with your chiropodist.

Please remember how important your feet are to your overall health. If you take care of your feet, your body will thank you.

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