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Summer is well underway and amidst our province reopening, you may be finding it hard to find time for yourself. It is important to take some time to focus on self-care, which includes caring for your feet as well. Taking a little extra time to ensure your feet are well taken care of, will ensure your feet are happy & healthy all summer long!

One way to ensure that you are taking good care of your feet is to educate yourself. Please see our list below for some daily self-care tips for your feet.

Wash your feet. Keep your feet clean by washing them every day. While doing this, ensure to check your feet for any red areas or sores. This is especially important if you have diabetes, to reduce the risk of any foot complications arising.

Dry your feet thoroughly. Dry your feet thoroughly after washing them, especially between the toes. Bacterial and fungal infections like athlete’s foot can develop in between the toes if extra moisture is present. Drying the feet is an important way to keep from developing these conditions.

Moisturize. If your skin on your feet is dry, apply a urea-based cream all over, except for between the toes. If you put lotion between the toes, it can significantly increase the risk of bacterial and fungal infections. Urea is a great ingredient to look for in a cream to break down dry areas on your feet.

Change socks daily. This should go without saying, but we’ll say it anyway. Changing your socks daily reduces smells that are caused by bacteria on the feet. If you are live with diabetes, this is important because it reduces the chances of getting an infection. As well, look for socks made of cotton, which will allow your feet to breathe and will wick away any excess moisture.

Cut toenails carefully if needed. Most individual’s need their toenails cut every 4-8 weeks. When cutting, please make sure you are not trimming too close to your nail bed. Seek the help of an LMC Chiropodist if you have trouble doing this on your own.

A little self-care for your feet can go a long way and will offer many benefits to help keep you active and enjoying life! Please remember our LMC Chiropodists are always available to help you with your foot care needs.

Your feet are important to your overall health. If you take care of your feet, your body will thank you.

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