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Shoe suitability will differ depending on the activity they are intended for, and the type of foot resting in them. Our LMC Chiropodists specialize in the assessment of biomechanics and recognizing what foot type you have. Please see below for tips and tricks to find the right shoe no matter who you’re shopping for:

  • Finding a shoe with removable insoles is recommended in determining an accurate fit. Place the removed insole on the floor and step your full weight onto the insole, lining it up with the heel.

    • Width: If any part of your foot hangs off of the insole when placed on the ground, that shoe is not wide enough to accommodate the width of your foot.

    • Length: Determine which toe is the longest. Ensure there is at least one thumb’s width of space between that toe, and the front edge of the insole.

  • Try on shoes near the end of the day to ensure that the shoes will fit your feet when they are most swollen.

  • For those with Diabetes:

    • Make sure to look for shoes that are not only wide enough, but deep enough to accommodate any swelling that may occur in the feet throughout the day.

    • Look for shoes with no stitching on the inside of the shoe. This will lead to less chances of friction on the feet and will also help keep the skin intact.

  • For Children:

    • Keep in mind that children are constantly growing, and their feet are no exception. Look for shoes that have adjustable straps or laces to better accommodate future growths and foot changes. When there is no longer one thumb’s width of space from the longest toe to the front of the shoe, it is time for a new pair!

Some Other Key Features to Look for in a Supportive Shoe:

  • A moderately firm rubber sole on the bottom of the shoe for support and cushion. Note that a supportive shoe should not be able to bend in half at middle of the foot.

  • A firm heel counter with an “Achilles Notch” for comfort. The back of the shoe should resist any movement when pushed against, or when the edges are pinched together.

  • A comfortably cushioned tongue to prevent any irritation to the top of your foot.

  • Made from a breathable material for proper ventilation.

Your feet are important to your overall health. If you take care of your feet, your body will thank you.

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