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1. Improved mobility – LMC Chiropodists can improve mobility so that patients can enjoy an active lifestyle.

2. Reduced disability – With just one yearly appointment Chiropodists can reduce the risk of diabetic foot amputations by 85%.

3. Can’t reach their toenails? We can! – LMC Chiropodists manage all types of nail care.

4. Fashionable compression products – LMC chiropodists have compression stockings with patterns and fabrics that patients will love to show off!

5. Wart removal – Chiropodists are experts at making them disappear.

6. Prevent health issues – Feet are a window to overall health. A chiropody assessment can detect and prevent many health issues patients are unaware of.

7. Comfort – Chiropodists can reduce pain and improve comfort in the muscles and joints.

8. Beautify feet – Dry and cracked heels be gone. Our LMC Chiropodists have specialized tools to make your feet look their best.

9. Wound care – Oh no, it was a simple blister and now patients have a diabetic wound on their foot! Our LMC Chiropodists are superheroes with respect to treating foot wounds.

10. Healing in-grown toenails – Ouch, red and painful toenails! Our LMC Chiropodists specialize in healing in-grown toenails.