Physician FAQs


Why should I recommend the program to my patients with prediabetes?

The Canadian Diabetes Prevention Program has been designed by LMC Healthcare and Diabetes Canada to help participants reduce their risk factors for developing type 2 diabetes. This free, evidence-based program offers individualized telephonic health coaching and goal setting, online learning modules and live group learning sessions to help your patients achieve their weight loss, healthy eating and exercise goals. 

Who to refer?

Refer those who are

  • Overweight, with metabolic disease, or with prediabetes (A1c 6.0-6.4% and/or fasting glucose 6.1-6.9 mmol/l)

  • OR with chronic disease/diabetes risk factors (eligibility will be confirmed with CANRISK)

  • OR Age ≥ 45 and BMI ≥ 30

How do I make a referral?

You can refer your patients using the standard LMC referral process and note “DPP” on the request. Please note that your patients will receive telephonic lifestyle coaching and will NOT be seen by an LMC endocrinologist as part of this program.

Phone: 1.866.701.3636 (ENDO)
Fax: 1.877.562.2778 (LMC APPT)
Email: [email protected]

Will I be kept informed of my patient’s eligibility and enrollment in the program?

After your referral to us, we will confirm whether your patient is eligible and if he/she enrolled in the program. Please ask your patient to share the baseline and follow-up reports that are provided as part of the program. Your ongoing support and encouragement are critical to your patient’s long-term success in making and sustaining important lifestyle changes. 

Where is it available?

The program is currently being offered to patients in major metro areas in Southern Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta, and British Columbia. We will expanding to more locations around the country soon. View a list of locations where the program is being offered here.