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Harpreet Bajaj MD, MPH, FACE

Endocrinologist and Director of Late-phase research, LMC Healthcare, Canada
Research Associate, Leadership Sinai Centre for Diabetes, Mount Sinai Hospital
Vice Chair, Clinical Practice Guidelines, Diabetes Canada
Columnist and blogger, www.medscape.com
Founder, “STOP Diabetes” Foundation Inc.
Dr. Harpreet Singh Bajaj started his Endocrinology practice with LMC Brampton in 2009, after completing his clinical fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic (Ohio, USA). Dr. Bajaj’s medical education was at Maulana Azad Medical College (New Delhi, India), following which he attained a Masters of Public Health (Epidemiology) at State University of New York in Albany (New York, USA).
Dr. Bajaj is the Director of Late-phase research at LMC, a Research Associate at Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto and an adjunct lecturer at McMaster University. He has co-authored publications in key medical journals in the fields of diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular risk assessment. His major interest lies in translational research focused on “real-life” practical approaches to improve standards of practice to reduce diabetes complications and cardiovascular risk factors. 
He volunteers with numerous community public health organizations as well as media programs with the intent of raising public awareness on diabetes prevention and treatment, with a specific focus on the South Asian origin population in Canada. He is the founder of STOP Diabetes Foundation, a registered charitable organization, working to reduce the burden of diabetes in Peel region of Ontario.
Dr. Bajaj serves Diabetes Canada as a co-chair of the Communications and Marketing portfolio within the professional section national executive, as a national consultant editor for the Canadian Journal for Diabetes and as an expert committee member for the 2018 Clinical Practice Guidelines. He has recently been appointed as the Vice-Chair of Diabetes Canada’s Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPG) for a 3 year term; with the expectation that, at the end of the 3-year term, the Vice-Chair will take over as CPG Chair.