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Diabetes Education Program Community Outreach

Number of events that we took part in (2023).

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Improving access to Diabetes education

LMC wants to make the healthier choice easy for you. Let us come to you with our dynamic team of Certified Diabetes Educators!

Learn about this FREE service, which gives you access to our dynamic team of Certified Diabetes Educators. In addition to patient oriented events, we can also provide presentations for staff members.


We provide in-service / presentations on a wide variety of topics:
● Introduction to Diabetes
● Starting insulin
● Healthy eating
● Carb Counting
● Advanced insulin titrations and special situations
● Travelling with insulin
● DM & Pregnancy
● Diabetes prevention and risk awareness


*All in-services/presentations can be tailored to be culturally specific as well as patient or staff oriented.


If you are interested in receiving more information about our Community Outreach Program or discussing a Community Outreach opportunity, please contact us at [email protected].