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Virtual Group Education Workshops

Interested in taking one of our Group Learning Workshops, our Diabetes Group Learning Workshops are offered online! Click on the link below to check out available times and sign up.

Please note these education sessions are intended for residents of Ontario and Quebec only.

*** Select group education workshops are available in other languages.

Small Group Education Workshops

Ask your LMC healthcare provider, or review the topics of our group workshops below, to help decide which group education workshops are appropriate for you.

Please note: At the moment, our in-person offerings are limited. Please check at your LMC office for in-person offering.

Workshops Offered

Living With Diabetes – (Recommended for all living with Type 2 Diabetes)

Topics covered:

  • What is diabetes? (Physiology)

  • Common diabetes myths

  • Preventing diabetes complications

  • Understanding medications and lab results

  • SMART blood sugar checking



Nutrition and Lifestyle (Recommended for all living with Type 2 Diabetes)

Designed for: Anyone with type 2 diabetes or prediabetes

Topics covered:

  • Understanding the effect of different foods on blood sugar levels

  • Planning balanced meals and snacks

  • Glycemic Index

  • Natural health products/artificial sweeteners

  • Physical activity

  • SMART blood sugar checking



Carbohydrate Counting Workshop (Recommended for all)

Topics covered: 

  • Effect of food on blood sugar levels

  • Recommended carbohydrate intake

  • Reading and understanding food labels

  • Tips for carbohydrate counting

  • Measuring tricks and resources

  • Carbohydrate counting when dining out

  • Minimizing fluctuations in blood sugar



Advanced Skills

(Recommended for insulin users who take both basal and bolus insulin)

Topics covered:

  • Review insulin adjustment based on food and high blood sugars

  • Different types of insulin and their actions

  • Blood sugar targets and SMART blood sugar checking

  • Factors affecting blood sugar levels

  • Identifying blood sugar patterns to make safe insulin adjustments

  • Insulin adjustment for different foods and exercise



Six Steps to a Healthy Heart (Recommended for all)

Topics covered:

  • Understanding heart disease

  • Review cholesterol, blood pressure and the recommended levels

  • Factors affecting blood pressure and lipid profile

  • Medications for protecting the heart

  • 6 practical ways to improve heart health

Weight Management Program

6 week series (Recommended for people who want to achieve and/or maintain a healthy weight) 

Topics covered:

  • Healthy lifestyle Vs Diet mentality

  • Tackling emotional eating

  • Mindfulness

  • Goal setting and forming healthy habits