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Preparing for your Virtual Visit

Before the appointment

  • One of our trained staff will contact you closer to the date of your appointment or the day prior to do a pre-assessment.

  • Please be available 15 minutes prior to and up to 30 minutes after your scheduled appointment time. Your physician may fall behind in their schedule.

  • Please NOTE, we may be calling you from a PRIVATE or BLOCKED number; please ensure that your phone service provider allows blocked numbers.

  • If you have a computer at home, we may be sending you a link for an Ontario Telemedicine videoconference. Our trained staff will coordinate this directly with you at the time of the pre-assessment call.

  • If you are a patient with diabetes, please upload your meter or device prior to the appointment if you are able to do so.

During the appointment

  • Please be sure you are in an environment that is:

        –  Quiet and private (ear phones may help with sound quality)

        –  Stationary (not driving or in motion)


  • We ask that you have the following on hand for your virtual appointment:

       –  Your provincial health care card

       –  Your medication bottles or an updated medication list

       –  Your pharmacy name, location and fax number

       –  For patients with diabetes, please have your blood glucose meter on hand