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Skin-related Services


Why See a Chiropodist for Callous Care?

Callouses and corns on the feet are thickened layers of skin that arise due to the body’s natural defense mechanism towards friction and pressure.

Even when callouses and corns are removed, they may naturally return if the foot continues to experience high pressures in the same area. Chiropodists can prescribe custom-made orthotics to reduce these high pressures. 

We work with very high standards of infection control, similar to those of hospitals. All treatments will be performed with steam sterilized instruments to ensure that there are no contaminants. Our Chiropodists are equipped with the skills and tools, to help provide the care that’s right for you. We can also prescribe urea based emollients to help reduce the build up of callouses and corns.



Why see a chiropodist for wart treatment?

Warts are common viral skin infections, which often appear on the feet. LMC chiropodists are specially trained in many different wart removal techniques, such as those seen below.


Silver Nitrate

Silver nitrate is used to cauterize warts from the feet. This technique destroys the viral tissue of the wart. Your LMC chiropodist will use a silver nitrate stick to slowly burn off the wart from the skin.



Excision of a wart has a very high success rate. Excision involves numbing the area around the wart with a local anesthetic injection. Then, the wart is removed using a scalpel blade and the base of the wart is then cauterized to ensure there is no living viral tissue left behind.

Salicylic Acid

Salicylic Acid is a topical medication that increases cell turnover, and allows your skin to shed at a faster rate. Your LMC chiropodist is able to prescribe a higher dosage of the medication than what you can find in over the counter wart treatments. Regular appointments with your chiropodist will consist of reducing the build-up of skin from the medication, and eventually they will be able to remove the wart from your foot. This treatment is relatively painless.



Needling is a procedure which involves local anesthetic injections to numb the area around the wart. This technique is usually done when multiple warts are found on the foot. Your LMC chiropodist will then puncture one of the warts with a sterile needle to introduce the virus to your immune system. This will stimulate a response form your immune system, and your body will fight off the warts. Often treating one wart will eradicate all other warts on your feet.


Our LMC Chiropodists are foot care specialists, and are able to treat warts. To schedule an appointment, please fill out our online booking form below, call 1-844-LMC-FOOT (1-844-562-3668), or email us at [email protected]