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Custom-Made Orthotics

Orthotics that Move You

Our LMC Chiropodists are trained medical professionals that specialize in biomechanics, gait analysis, and the alignment of the foot and ankle. Chiropodists are able to prescribe, fit, adjust, and dispense custom-made orthotics. Our Canadian-made custom orthotics are digitally casted using state-of-the-art technology.

Custom-Made Orthotics
Custom-Made Orthotics
Made in Canada
  • Different Types to Choose & Customize
  • Crafted from EVA
  • Digital 3D Laser Scanner Casting Technique
  • Accepted by Most Insurance Plans
  • Made in Canada
Custom-Made Orthotics


Our LMC Chiropodists are foot care specialists, and are able to prescribe and dispense custom-made orthotics. To schedule an appointment, please fill out our online booking form below, call 1-844-LMC-FOOT (1-844-562-3668), or email us at [email protected].