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LMC Pharmacy Services to Support your Patients with Diabetes

LMC Pharmacy is the diabetes-specialized pharmacy affiliated with LMC Healthcare clinics.  During the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re taking our team of CDE pharmacists virtual to support your patients with diabetes, no matter where they are in Ontario!


Sick Day Management – Prepare your diabetes patients so they can avoid the hospital


    • In the event that your patient with diabetes becomes ill, knowing what to do in advance can help them better cope, better recover and avoid hospitalization.

    • Our Diabetes Sick Day Management Education and Medication Assessment service will cover how to care for yourself if dehydrated or not eating as usual.

    • As well, ALL medications the patient uses (not just their diabetes prescriptions) will be assessed and those that should be temporarily stopped will be identified.

    • Patient education materials and a personalized list of medications to temporarily stop taking will be provided to the patient for future reference in the event of illness.

    • If your patient is a T1D, we will also cover insulin titrations during illness and education about DKA and hypos.

    • The Sick Day Management Education and Medication Assessment service is available virtually by phone or video, and is a MOHLTC covered service (at no charge to patients).


Other specialized pharmacist services available to your patients virtually by phone or video

    • Insulin start training and titrations

    • Freestyle Libre training and pattern education

    • Medication Q&A, training, education and assessments

    • Personalized Ramadan medication timing adjustment charts, which includes all prescription medications, vitamins, natural health products and OTC items

    • If your patients are experiencing financial challenges, we can explain medication coverage options and help them navigate Trillium

How can you or your patients access an LMC CDE Pharmacist?

If you would like to refer a patient for training, education or comprehensive medication assessments, please forward details so we can connect, or have them contact us directly at