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LMC Diabetes & Endocrinology

The LMC group of Endocrinologists remain available to support you and your patients during these times of restricted access due to COVID-19.

Ask the Endo Hotline (Peer-to-Peer support)

  • Speak to an endocrinologist directly for any questions related to diabetes or endocrinology

  • Available 5-6PM daily

    • Tel: 416-309-9199


  • We are still accepting new referrals and will try to see patients virtually within 2 weeks

Urgent Referrals

  • We can accommodate emergencies in diabetes & endocrinology and can see patients virtually or in-person if required. Please note that strict COVID-19 safety measures are in place in all of our clinics

    •  Screening patients & guests before entering the clinic

    • Limiting the number of patients/guests allowed into the clinic at any given time

    • Social distancing measures implemented in the waiting room and throughout clinic

    • Frequent cleaning of surfaces and equipment with disinfectant