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QDoes LMC administering the COVID vaccine? 

A: Please note that LMC including our pharmacies are not an approved center to administer the COVID vaccine. For UpToDate information regarding the COVID vaccine please refer to CBC.ca or your local news station. The government is using the honour system and no confirmation of your medical history is required for vaccination. QC: please go to https://www.quebec.ca/en/health/advice-and-prevention/vaccination/covid-19-vaccine to see if you are currently eligible for the vaccine.


QWhat is your in-clinic screening policy? 

A: All patients receiving services on-site must wear a face mask and meet our screening criteria at: lmc.ca/in-clinic-appointment.  Patients unable to wear a mask or meet the criteria may have their appointment changed to virtual or re-scheduled


Q: Can I get the vaccine from the physician who treats me for my Diabetes at LMC?

A: At this time, the government has not yet given any details regarding the roll-out.   LMC is currently part of the vaccination campaign against COVID-19. If you are eligible by other means via your local pharmacy or hospital, please do so.   You can reach out to us at a later date to inquire if there are changes to this direction.


Q: Can LMC book my vaccine for me?

A: LMC cannot book your vaccine for you. You must register yourself or a family member can do this on your behalf.



Q: I have Diabetes? I have Thyroid problems, Can you ask my endocrinologist if I should get the COVID vaccination 

We are recommending that you discuss immunizations with your family doctor.  You can refer to your provincial COVID vaccine websites or Diabetes Canada https://www.diabetes.ca/campaigns/covid-19 (coronavirus)-and-diabetes for information about whether or not to get vaccine.